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10 Day Sugar Challenge!

Did you know, your taste buds regenerate every 10 days? Which means, you can actually improve the taste of natural, healthy food if you "reset your taste buds" with a 10 day rest! 

THE 10 DAY CHALLENGE: eliminate all "sweet stimulation" for at least 10 days so the sweet-receptor proteins on your tongue can reset. Then, after the 10 day "challenge", slowly reintroduce sweet taste and you'll find your tongue is more sensitive to sweet taste. You'll likely notice you don't crave sweet tasting foods and drinks as often. And the best part is the taste of healthy, natural foods improves too! 





 MEMBER'S Watch the entire SUGAR SERIES in the Video Library to find out how sugar sabotages weight-loss, wellness and health. 

Learn more about how sugar impacts your body, LISTEN to my PODCAST:

E16 Sugar & Sweeteners and E5 - Drinking & Sugar


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