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3 Simple Ways to Boost Metabolism

Your body wants to maintain a steady weight with reliable metabolic function and relies on the right balance of energy and nutrients. So, if you need a healthy pivot after the holiday, focus on these top three levers to help boost your metabolism. 

#1 Fiber

Find fiber first in every meal and make it the foundation, not the optional side dish. The metabolism's hormonal infrastructure relies on fiber from natural foods to maintain digestive health. To learn more, listen to my podcast episode free, and Members, be sure to watch the entire fiber video series

Get the specifics about how much fiber you need each day and in each meal in the Member's Video Library, and learn where to find natural fiber and incorporate it into meals. 

The Recipe Book for Members and $5 Subscribers provide an entire section of high-fiber meals and appetizers too! 

#2 Fluids

Water is the best form of hydration and the human body's natural detox. Unfortunately, there are a lot of powders and mixes that promise to deliver superior hydration or promise detox. But it's not true. They're more effective at derailing metabolic function than improving hydration. Listen to my podcast episode "drinking and sugar" to learn more about the destructive smuggles in many of these beverages. 

 Water is the best way to provide the body with the hydration it needs. And many people legitimately complain that they don't like the taste of water or have trouble remembering to drink it. That's why I added a video for my Members to watch this week, "How to Drink More Water," where I give tips to help you drink more. Members can also learn why water is essential to weight loss and wellness in this video! 

#3 Fitness 

The metabolic benefit from exercise diminishes quickly. That's why I try to activate my metabolism most every day of the week for at least 30 minutes. It's essential for managing body weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure. 

Listen to the exercise episode of my podcast for more details as to why exercise is vital to metabolic health: cardio and resistance training. 

Members learn more in the video library and watch the series all about exercise. And be sure to look at the exercise resources in the Member's Resource Library; there, you'll learn exactly how much exercise you need or, like I say, "The minimum effective dose!" And you also learn what exercise is best to get the desired results, heart rate monitoring, workout suggestions, and more! 

Free Bonus!

If you want to learn more about how weight loss works and all seven mechanisms that activate metabolism, watch this two-part video series "How the Metabolism Works," which is also how weight loss works! 

Learn more! 

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