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New Technology Revolutionized Denim Jeans & Sizes!

Don’t wait to lose weight, you can buy the latest denim now, and it will always fit!

There’s a new technology in denim that will shrink to fit even if your size fluctuates. These jeans will shrink as you slim down or stretch to fit as you expand; as many as three to five waist sizes

New ultra-stretch denim debuted late last year. With 90% elasticity, it provides comfort and still manages to look like traditional blue-jean. Manufacturers know jeans need to be both comfortable and fashionable. Still, the proper fit was challenging to deliver when consumers were doing all their shopping online, and most Americans experienced weight fluctuation during the pandemic. 

Traditionally even the more stretchy fabric incorporated into jeans wasn’t flexible enough to accommodate a shift in more than one or two waist sizes. But now, you can buy a size category that fits a range of up to five sizes

Be Comfortable & Fashionable Now

This new high-tech fabric is an excellent solution to buying your current size, even if you plan to lose weight. Then as you gradually lose weight, these jeans will shrink to fit you. So if you’re a size 18 today, you can buy Old Navy jeans in the size category that flexes to fit size 18 down to size 14. Depending on the brand, the denim can stretch and flex from three to five sizes. 

How Sizing's Changed 

Natural bodies have resized, fit, and reshaped today’s fashion. After scanning the bodies of almost 400 women, Old Navy updated pocket placements and built their clothing based on real women’s bodies, which is excellent news for all of us, no matter the size. It’s not just about expanding plus-size clothing options; it’s also about getting the right size and fit for almost all of us! Skinny jeans aren’t just for thin, twiggy, slim bodies; we can all wear them and confidently look good and feel good too. 

Where to Buy? 

Lots of brands carry this new denim for women. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet seen this same concept for men. Sure there are jeans for men that offer a small amount of stretch, but not the 90% elasticity and flex-to-fit multiple sizes.

Narrow the search with a filter for “Stretch” or “Fit” to find these types of jeans offered by other brands, online with a well-known retailer.

These three retailers were the most popular and provide a range of prices, styles, and sizes; no affiliation, just a helpful shopping tip, to help you look good and feel confident and comfortable. Start your holiday wish list or shop now:

Old Navy is where I first discovered these jeans; they call this category of denim “Fits You 3-in-1 Denim.” 

Good American’s line is called “Always Fits.” 

Silver Jeans’s category is “Infinite Fit.”

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