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Avocado Secrets Revealed!

fat fiber healthy eating Jun 16, 2022

What's the most popular, creamy and tasty kind of avocado? How do you get the more "meat" and less seed? Get answers to these questions and more! Let's start with the first secret, "medium" size avocados are a myth!

Medium Avocado Myth

It's true medium avocados don't exist! And this is why there's so much confusion in understanding the nutrition facts! Below you learn all the important facts, along with bonus tips at and you'll know what I buy & why!

HASS -Est. 1935

Hass is the most popular variety of avocado sold in America. The distinct taste is richer than other varieties that deliver a lighter flavor. Hass is creamier in texture and sometimes described as buttery. While others struggle with a more watery texture. The skin of a Hass avocado is pebbly and sometimes leathery, always easy-to-peel and reveals more flesh than other varieties, because the seed is smaller too! 

You'll find it year round because it's grown in California, Mexico, Chili and Peru. 

LAMB HASS - Est. 1990

They look similar, but this sibling of Hass is slightly more pear shaped. Developed by University of California's Breeding Program it's a mix of HASS and Gwen, which is bigger and known to stay bright green even when ripe. That's what made the cross-breed so popular, Lamb is slightly larger than Hass. Lamb is less leathery and ripens the same as Hass. 

Grown only in California, you'll find Lamb in stores only in Spring, April through June.


Growers sell 25 pound cartons to retailers and the size is determined by the chart below. The XL is size 36,32,28. Why? That's how many avocados of similar weight will fit into the carton and total 25 pounds. The smallest is size 84, because it takes 84 of this weighted size to fit into the box and total 25 pounds!

There are only three sizes of Hass: Small, Large and Extra Large.

Most Meat? 

The chart above shows the amount of meaty flesh you get from each size: yield in ounces. The number above shows the weight of the avocado whole, including the skin and seed. Percentage of flesh illustrates that the most meat is found in the Large and XL sizes at 70%, whereas the small sizes provide only 66%. 

Watching Weight? 

The "average" avocado, size 48 in the cart above, is just shy of 5 oz. of edible flesh. On the Nutrition Facts Label below, you'll see it on the far right side as 3 Servings! 

If you're watching your body weight and macronutrients, you'll want to keep on eye on the weight and size of the avocado to keep the 3 key nutrients: fiber, protein and fat within your per-meal targets. Ovvia Members see the Resource Section for recommended Per-Meal Target Charts and direction. Depending on how many meals each day you're eating, you'll want to adjust serving size. 

3 More Tips: 

Is it ripe? I'll show you a few new & reliable ways to check, watch my video on Ripe Avocado? 

Check out my blog post, Did You Know Avocado, for more nutrition information. 

Product Look-Up Stickers or PLU#s reveal variety, size and organic status. Organic will use a prefix of 9. Large Organic Hass #9224 pictured below. Bags include a variety of sizes so each avocado can vary. 

 What do I buy? 

Hass Organic Large if they're available! And prefer California grown if I can find them too! 


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