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How to Make Healthy Food Taste Good

Healthy foods don't taste good? It's a normal response to fruits and veggies. Why? Today's modern manufactured and processed foods are all sweetened. Which means, your taste buds are conditioned to sweet taste.

If you want to dramatically improve the taste of healthy foods, you can in just 10 days, with a simple taste-bud reset! Follow these simple steps!

Why it Works

Every 10 days, we all naturally regenerate new taste buds; which include sweet-receptor proteins on the tongue. What make the sweet taste unique? The tongue responds to sweet taste by communicating to the dopamine center in the brain to signal "pleasure, reward, and delight" every time the tongue is stimulated by sweet. 

Sweet Taste & Cravings 

“When you keep the sweet taste alive, the sweet drive stays alive!” That’s what I always say, because even “sugar free” substitutes can perpetuate cravings for more sweet taste. A great step towards controlling cravings starts with the taste bud reset. Learn more and listen to this episode of my podcast: Hunger vs. Cravings, Curb Appetite. 

How to Reset 

Temporarily eliminate all "sweet stimulation" for at least 10 days to allow the sweet-receptor proteins on your tongue to regenerate. This includes natural and artificial sweeteners of any kind, even honey and agave!

Whole fruit is healthy when you eat it whole. just avoid the fruit juice and fruit juice concentrates added to foods and drinks.  

Sugar-Free or No Sugar Added: STOP! Never trust, always verify. Read the list of ingredients. The sweet taste is likely a chemical sugar smuggle like Sucralose. To learn more, watch this replay of my LIVE video.

Submit photos of questionable food labels in the Group Support Section of the Member’s Website for Emerson to review. 

After the 10 day period

Your tongue will be more sensitive to sweet taste. And you'll likely notice you don't crave sweet tasting foods and drinks as often. The best part is the taste of healthy, natural foods improves too!

Reintroduce sweet taste gradually and deliberately. I recommend reserving the sweet tasting foods and drinks for exceptional occasions, like dessert! That way, you can enjoy yourself and not destroy yourself!  

Learn More

Sugar and Sweeteners: The Scary Truth is best explained in this episode of my podcast! And be sure to watch the entire Video Series on Sugar in the Member’s Program Video Library, it will shock you into changing your mind and behavior around sugary sweet taste! 


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