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Super Bowl Strategy: No Restrictions, Enjoy the Day!

A New, Modern Way to Stay Healthy & Celebrate!

Let's enjoy a weekend of fun and celebration! You don't need to be a football fan to enjoy gathering with friends and family to have fun and indulge in good food. That's my plan; I plan to eat all the food I want, and if that sounds alarming, that's because it's the updated, modern way to be healthy: no restrictions!  

Limitations Linger

When we try to restrict ourselves during a special occasion, feelings of scarcity, exclusion, regret, and cravings inevitably linger beyond the day of celebration. And it makes us vulnerable to obsessing about all the exceptional foods we missed. And for some, this obsession can result in one or more food binges. That's why I changed my approach and removed all restrictions during celebrations. I enjoy all the food I want that day to maintain a healthy relationship with food.

Eat, Drink, and Enjoy!

Eat and drink what you want at the party! It's a celebration and a feast! And you're most certainly included and invited to indulge! Remember, it's not a "last supper," so you don't have to consume everything. Say "no" to foods that aren't exceptional. The only way to truly enjoy any party is when there are no restrictions! 

Reframe Expectations 

Expect to gain weight. But only plan to hold on to the gain for one day! And that's because my strategy is to indulge for just one day and immediately return to my healthy habits and routines. 

The goal for the day isn't weight loss or weight maintenance. I don't expect to hop on the scale the day after any holiday and lose weight. And I also don't expect to maintain my average weight either. Instead, I plan to see an increase in my body weight for at least one day, maybe two. 

The Next Day: Reset & Resume 

I'll always step on the scale the day after any holiday or vacation. I register the number so it can become part of my monthly average, and it motivates me to move back to my healthy habits. My experience over the years taught me: when you immediately return to your set routine and healthy habits schedule, the body can quickly return to its healthy weight too! 

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