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Travel Tips: What to Pack

habit healthy eating travel Jun 10, 2022

Carry-on with your healthy habits and pack a carry-on bag when you travel! Here are my top items with links to shop if you want to explore more, you'll see what I bring along when I travel. I want to enjoy myself and not destroy myself, which means, I try to maintain at least 4 basic healthy habits and save the exceptions for the exceptional foods, drinks and experiences at my destination! 

4 Key Healthy Habits: 
  • Hydration 
  • Food
  • Movement 
  • Sleep or reducing stress & emotional reactions 

Why do these basic habits matter? I recoded a podcast episode, "Vacations & Holidays: How to Enjoy Yourself & Not Destroy Yourself" there is where I give more detail.

Members watch the video where you get even more detailed information, VACATIONS & HOLIDAYS! And also be sure to check out the written guide below the video where you get all the quick tip details too! 

Pack Hydration

Refillable water bottle is always the first priority. If you forget to bring your own, you can refill a large plastic water bottle. What works best for me is a see-through bottle, so I can track my progress. It must be easy to carry, not extra heavy, and dishwasher safe.

These BlenderBottles were a carry-over from back in the day when I would drink protein powder shakes and make my own veggie juice! Things I've now evolved to know aren't "healthy habits", but the bottles survived! So even if I'm buying a new bottle, I'll buy these and toss the metal mixing ball.

Pack Food 

When I travel I want to have a healthy option on hand for me and my travel companions. Even if I don't think I'll need to eat during the trip, I pack because delays are inevitable. But a delay doesn't need to interfere with my ability to maintain healthy eating. 

Watch this week's LIVE video for more info as to how I pack food and what I bring along. I refer to a SCALE that I use to measure the nuts. As of publication it's less than $10 and a good value, since I use it regularly for other baking as well! 


More Portable Food Options

Instead of nuts, try lupini beans! They are a legume and a popular appetizer in the Mediterranean. All of these lupini varieties look healthy and great made by Bramisnacks!

 Or try these roasted chickpeas with sea-salt by Biena

Keep Moving

The right shoe can help to keep you moving! Wear tennis shoes or pack them so you can walk on the trip and throughout the airport terminal when the flight is delayed. Here's the newest shoe in my collection, it mimics bare foot and learn more how a minimalist shoe strengthens your feet

Pack Peace for Sleep & Lowering Stress

Peace and quiet is something you can achieve even on a chaotic plane. It's rare for me to be able to sleep on a plane, but I do like to keep myself calm and relaxed. These two tools really help. A sleep mask is a great way to keep the room dark even after you get to your destination. And noise canceling over-eat headphones are the best at blocking noise. I've tried the in-ear versions and don't get the same full effect. 




The Ovvia Member's Resource Section, there you can see more of what I buy and why! Members get links to real brands, like what's featured in this blog post, so shopping is easy and you can carry on with having fun!


I use every single one of the above products and I am not sponsored by any of the brands listed. I am however an Amazon Affiliate which means I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.


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