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Weekend BBQ Meal Plan!

Enjoy yourself, don’t destroy yourself this holiday weekend! We all love to celebrate with food, family and friends, that’s why, I plan for the exceptional foods and I also formulate a plan to protect my metabolic health too. Here are my top tips and links to recipes!

Make FIBER the 1st Priority

"Catch carbohydrates” with the net of protection fiber makes inside your belly. That’s why I eat fiber filled foods first. Then I’m better protected from blood sugar spikes and fat storage.

High Fiber Appetizer

The best carb-catcher appetizers, can either be cooked outside in a smoker or on the grill. Alternatively they can also be roasted in the oven too.

Start with Salad

Restaurants often serve a salad prior to an entrée. Here are my favorite HIGH-FIBER salads, I plan to make the Brussel Sprout Salad for our weekend BBQ! 

See the "special occasion" section for more salad recipes. I have at least 3 more that are amazingly tasty and popular, but not "fiber filled" in the same way. 

Eat High-Fiber Sides

Consider serving side-dishes as appetizers or the first course! Not hosting? Offer to bring a fiber-filled food. And even if you can't choose when it's served, you can still decide to eat the fiber-filled foods first.

Finish the meal with Popcorn or Chips & Dip

Salty snacks are always popular, no matter when they're served. After dinner, they are a great alternative to sweets for the guests who prefer salty snacks instead. 

Get my tips on Popcorn in this quick-tip video. Plus 6 Ways to Make Healthier Popcorn I buy and links with photos and I reveal why I quit store-bought microwave popcorn in this LIVE, you can watch on replay! 

Get my tips on Chips! Learn what I buy and why! Watch the videos I made about the healthy imposter chips to avoid and the kind of potato chips I buy and tortilla chips I buy and why. After watching those three videos, you’ll know what to look for at your local grocery!

Make your own dips:

Want More Tips? 

Protect against weekend weight-gain by listening to my podcast Episode 21, called Weekend Destroyer and Episode 2 for Vacations & Holidays. I also give more tips in the “Real Life Strategies” section in the Member’s Video Library, where you can learn more about “Exceptions & Indulgences” and a deep-dive video for Members on how to survive “Vacations & Holidays”.


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