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Fiber Facts: Can You Trust Pills & Powders?

Understanding European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Guidelines

Synthetic fibers are common in many packaged foods and supplements in the United States. However, Europe is more cautious, with the safety of synthetic fibers remaining under scrutiny. Ovvia® refers to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) guidelines as the FDA is still updating its regulations.

Natural vs. Synthetic Fibers

Natural fibers originate from whole, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole...

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Fast-Food Chicken: Why It's Not as Healthy as You Think

Fast-food chicken, particularly grilled chicken, is often considered healthy. However, this is not always the case. You may want to avoid fast-food chicken altogether; I stopped eating it.

Top Five Reasons Why:

#1: High-Fat Content: Fast-food chicken is often fried, coated with flour, breading, and cooked at high temperatures in unhealthy oils. This cooking process causes extra fat to accumulate in the meat. Even grilled and crispy chicken versions contain high amounts of fat due to the...

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Why I Stopped Taking Supplements

Supplements aren't safe; they're more dangerous than prescription medications

Unfortunately, it's true! Supplements are more dangerous than medications because of labeling loopholes. Unlike prescription drugs, the FDA does not have the authority to approve dietary supplements for the safety and effectiveness of the labeling before they are sold in stores or online. This means manufacturers have a loophole to take liberties with the label and the content in the bottle. And when...

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