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These are tools, items, and foods that I actually use and enjoy!

Kitchen Tools

Instant Pot

I love the multi-functionality of this appliance. I can cook my chili in minutes or I can let it slow cook. On top of being a great steamer for my artichokes and rice maker for any exceptional exceptions. This should be a staple appliance in your kitchen


Food Processor

This multi-use tool is one of my most used items. Not only can it be used as a food processor, which you can see me using in my Gyro recipe. But, it can also chop vegetables and shred cheese in no time at all. Love it for it's fast function and easy clean up.



Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks. It's high fiber, and delicious! But bagged popcorn contains harmful chemicals that I'd like to avoid. So I make my own in minutes using this amazing tool. Read my blog for more "at home" popcorn tips and other options. Members & Paid Subscribers watch this video: top 3 reasons why I quit microwave bagged popcorn.


Food Recommendations

Convenience Foods

Dozen Cousins: Seasoned Bean Packs

These Vegan Meals are ready to eat in just 60 seconds! I keep multiple packs in my pantry at all times. My favorites are the Mexican Pinto Beans and the Creole Red Beans. They also have a Trini Chickpea Curry that I'd eat every day without hesitation, I love it so much. I've noticed they sell out quick at my local stores, and buying them in bulk online helps to save some money too.


Fillo's: Seasoned Bean Packs

These pinto beans are packed full of protein and fiber. Delicious and simple to throw together a complete meal in minutes. The brand offers a wide variety of flavors and beans types as well. Perfect for a quick grab-n-go, heat-n-eat lunch, breakfast or dinner. I love their Peruvian Lentils with eggs in the morning! 


Lesser Evil Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn

When I don't have time to pop my own homemade popcorn, this is what I grab! Absolutely amazing flavor without any of the chemicals found in other varieties, and microwave popcorns. I try to eat it from a bowl, not the bag, because it's so delicious, it's easy to get carried away! My husband, who prefers "movie theatre butter" popcorn, actually likes this one too!


Cooking & Condiments

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is REAL EVOO, if you've read my blog about how to find real olive oil, you know, it can be a challenge. This is my favorite one I've been able to find, and it's easily available online!



Chicken, beef, and even veggie broths all contain smuggled sugars, MSG, and yeast extract. Avoid it all with this "smuggle-free" option. I find it at Whole Foods, Kroger, and it's even available to purchase online. 


True Made Foods

This Picnic Variety Pack offers Ketchup, Mustard, and Cayenne Hot Sauce without any sugar! Truly! Most "sugar free" condiments have smuggled sugar in the form of fruit juice concentrates and artificial sweeteners. But not True Made Foods. The brand also makes Sriracha sauce as well. All guaranteed to be sugar free.


Exercise Tools

Bose Wireless Headphones

These headphones are perfect to drain out all the noise at the gym. I love these headphones! I wear them on walks, around the house, and they're a must pack when I travel.


Vivobarefoot Primas Lite

These sneakers are amazing! They're so light weight and breathable making them perfect for summer walks, and running on the treadmill.


Apple Watch

I don't get out of bed without my apple watch. I use it to take my resting heart-rate in the morning, and track my heart-rate throughout my work outs. It's insights into my overall health are invaluable. The reminders to stand throughout the day help me to keep my metabolism active even when I'm working at my desk.


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