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Hi there! I'm Emerson

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About Emerson Leigh

Emerson is the founder of Ovvia® Wellness. She earned her bachelor's degree in business in 2003, built a successful corporate finance career, and supported and raised her two kids as a single mother until she retired in 2014.

In 2015 weight loss, nutrition, and wellness became Emerson's full-time focus and encore career. After losing 75 pounds and keeping it off, menopause began to move the scale and threatened her healthy body weight. So she started to work to solve her lifelong problem with yo-yo dieting and weight loss.

Emerson spent the next five years researching and studying science and medical journals and translating what she learned into an educational program and video library to help others solve their problem with weight loss and healthy eating.

Emerson learned firsthand that healthy choices are easy and obvious when you know how your body responds and reacts to food. Ovvia® is the Italian word for "obvious." Emerson's mission is to remove the confusion and contradictions and make weight loss and wellness more obvious. 

"When you know "why," you don't need to comply or follow anyone else's diet. The best, healthy choices are easier to see and more obvious!"~Emerson Leigh.

Emerson's Weight-loss Journey

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