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Coconut Curry

Fiber, Complete Meal, Protein, Vegan

This recipe is so easy and delicious it will easily become a weekly favorite! It's on my weekly meal rotation because the ingredients are easy to keep on hand. Plus since it's "meatless", which means, not only is it Vegan, it's even more affordable! The fiber in the chickpeas and cauliflower make this surprisingly filling too! Your whole family will be excited to eat this dish once they smell it on the stove, the savory flavors entice everyone! 

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Cheesy Chickpea Skillet

Complete Meal, Fiber, Plant Based, Vegetarian

This recipe is so easy and needs only one pan! Who wouldn't want to whip this up for a quick dinner? This makes a great "meal prep" for weekday lunches too! All the natural juices help to keep it moist for a quick heat-and-eat healthy meal! 

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Pizza Soup

Fiber, Complete Meal, Family Favorite

Italian lentil soup maybe a more suitable name, since pizza conjures up so many specific flavor expectations. That's why, the fresh parmesan cheese, fire roasted tomatoes and all the spices listed below are essential. Pizza's signature includes every one of these. The lentils provide both fiber and protein that make this meal especially healthy! I'm sure you'll find this recipe is hearty and delicious with a familiar flavor the whole family will love!  

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Sugar-Free Granola

Breakfast, Finding Fiber, Adding Fiber

This homemade granola adds flavor, crunch, and fiber to a yogurt breakfast, without the sugar. Pair with full fat yogurt (protein and healthy fat) and fruit (berries add more fiber) for a complete meal!  

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Mediterranean Gyro Bowl

Protein, Complete Meal

Make this in advance for a week of healthy eating, it lasts in the fridge for up to one week. Or make it for a party as the main dish and let your guests make their own custom bowl combinations! Enjoy & get creative!

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Easy Lentil Salad

High Fiber, Easy, No Cook, Lunch, Complete Meal

This recipe is SO EASY you'll be tossing it together for lunch on repeat! Some people prefer this salad with no dressing, as the vinegar can be a potent flavor, so taste it first with salt only, then add the vinegar 1 tbs. at a time and taste. It's a great "high-fiber and protein" foundation that can flex with any number of fresh produce adds!

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