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Shrimp & White Bean Pesto

Fiber-Filled Complete Meal

A FANTASTIC favorite! I use pre-made pesto to make this dish quick & easy! You can also use pre-cooked shrimp to save even more time!


Baked Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce

Fiber-Filled Complete Meal

I love this recipe because it's easy & filled with ingredients I typically have in my pantry & fridge. It's quick & easy, tasty & smells delicious as it bakes too! Didn't think I could eat an entire 1/2 to myself & can with no problem, no evening snacking: pure satisfaction!


Roasted Mushroom & Haloumi Salad with crispy lentils

Fiber, Full Meal

I love the way this salad bridges the gap between summer and fall feels. Use the pre-made pesto you love the most, or make your own. I like to use a tomato basil pesto I get from my local store.


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Lentil Bolognese

Fiber, Protein

This recipe is an awesome way to sneak fiber into your favorite pasta sauce. The added fiber provides protection against the carbs in the pasta, and if you sub the pasta out for a veggie, it's a super healthy every day dinner.


Easy High Fiber Lentil Breakfast

Fiber, Protein, Complete Meal

This recipe is a go-to favorite of mine. Using pre-cooked packaged lentils, eggs cooked to order with butter and topped with a Trader Joe's favorite of mine.

Ovvia™ Original

Brussel Sprout Salad

Fiber, Starter, Side

This recipe is so fresh & easy, especially if you buy the Brussel sprouts pre-shredded. I typically use pecans when I make it, and it's a great party appetizer. It could be a full meal if you add a little extra protein.

Serious Easts

Lemon garlic baked salmon + asparagus

Protein, Fiber, Complete Meal

This recipe is an easy, one pan dish, and a complete meal! A go to for an after work sheet pan dinner that can feed the whole family. 

Cafe Delites

 Mexican Style Shrimp


This shrimp recipe is AMAZING! It requires a lot of oil and butter, which is totally fine! I don't drink the sauce, but I do love the flavor it adds to the meat. I pick out the shrimp with tongs to avoid overdoing it on the fat, and place them on top of a bowl of beans!

My Latina Table - Charbel Barker

Protein & High Fiber Meal

This amazing recipe makes a great substitute for potato salad. Super High in Fiber and Protein it's a great make a head lunch!

Ovvia™ Original

Grilled Figs

Appetizer, BBQ

I love to host BBQ's & get togethers. These figs make a deliciously sweet and savory starter. Switch things up at your next BBQ with this yummy healthy snack.

Serious Eats - Joshua Bousel

Fun Summer Meals

This list of recipes looks so refreshing. I particularly love the Summer Tomato Tonnato Salad, & the White Bean and Tuna Salad.

Protein, BBQ

These Kebab recipes are perfect for hosting summer barbecues! Be mindful of sugar in any sauces you use, and make sure to pare it with a high fiber side.

High in Fiber, Meal Base

I eat a lot of beans through out the week. They are the perfect source of Fiber and Protein and SO GOOD FOR YOU! Serious Eats has created this list of 35 awesome bean recipes. Let me know your favorite!

High in Fiber, Side Dish

Grilled corn is an awesome BBQ side dish for any get together. It's High in Fiber & a healthy carb. Check out the linked article for 3 different ways to grill corn on the cob for your weekend get together!

Serious Eats - J. Kenji López-Alt

Protein, Meal Base

These easy little "crab cakes" are so delicious! I usually sub the Panko bread crumbs for homemade crumbs from a couple pieces of Ezekiel toast. Served on top of a bed of my favorite leafy greens, these little cakes are always a hit when I serve them up.

Cooktoria - Tania Sheff

Protein, Meal Base

This pork recipe is a go to staple at our household. Slow cooked pork that just falls off the bone. I use the chicken stock instead of the coke, but other than that, this recipe is prefect!

Cafe Delites - Karina

Chicken, Protein, Dinner

I love this recipe so much! I skip the rice & naan and serve this curry over a bed of my favorite veggies. I also leave out sugar in this recipe, & for American's, it's Tomato Puree that you're looking for. 

Recipe tin Eats - Nagi

Side, Appetizer, Vegetables

I don’t make the “cream” sauce on the recipe, instead either use a pre-made blue-cheese or ranch dressing. Or, my favorite: full-fat, plain Greek Yogurt, mixed with fresh blue cheese crumbles! 

Snacks, Appetizer

This is one of my go to party appetizers for every occasion. From Cinco de Mayo to the Summer BBQ

Serious Eats - J. Kenji López-Alt

Side, Appetizer, Vegetables

One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE summer veggies. It makes a great appetizer or side dish to any meal. I don't make the sauce in this recipe, I instead use just plain mayo, or a light aioli for some good added fat.

Serious Eats - Blake Royer

Snacks, Appetizer

This is one of my go to party appetizers for every occasion. From Cinco de Mayo to the Summer BBQ

Serious Eats - J. Kenji López-Alt

Meal Base, High Fiber

I LOVE LENTILS! They're one of my favorite meal bases to ensure I'm getting enough fiber in my day. The best thing about them is that they're essentially you can flavor them however you like. I like to season my lentils with a chili onion crunch oil from Trader Joe's. Learn more about how to prepare lentils, and all their variants at the link below.

DownShiftology - Lisa Bryan