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5 Affirmations that Inspire Me!  

"Could you do it for $ 1 million?" That's what I ask myself when things get hard or when I feel stressed, overwhelmed, and challenged. I try to give myself a "jolt" to help see the situation differently. A mental perspective shift requires firm, reassuring, and nurturing self-talk. Here are a few things I say to myself to retrieve my optimism, build perseverance, and tap into my underlying determination to keep going! 

  1. It's simple but not easy. I use this as a mantra to remind myself that if it were simple, everyone would do it, which is why it takes work. The hard part? Consistency, discipline, and focus. Those are hard, but I can do hard things, and you can too!
  2. Good is better than perfect. When you aim to be good instead of perfect, you'll find you're less stressed and better positioned to enjoy yourself. I'll modify it and say, "Done is better than perfect." That way, I stay focused on what's reasonable & attainable. 
  3. Practice makes progress; perfection causes paralysis. When I feel stuck, or things aren't going as I'd like, maybe it's not ideally how I wanted the day to go, I tell myself, "This is just more practice; I'm still learning, at least I'm still working at it, making progress."
  4. Could you do it for $ 1 million? I ask myself this when I know I'm facing a challenge. Try it. Next time you don't feel like exercising, ask yourself, "Could you do it for $ 1 million?" You'll be surprised how much determination you can pull out of yourself for the right incentive! 
  5. Find a way! "I can find a way forward no matter what!" When I say this to myself, it liberates my mind to be creative to imagine another workaround. There are no setbacks or roadblocks, only detours, and set-ups to the next thing, so be patient and stay encouraged! 

I hope you'll try a few of these yourself! If you're looking for more encouragement, MEMBERS in the VIDEO LIBRARY for an entire series of videos, workshops & worksheets to help you improve Self-Confidence, Self-Love, and Self-Worth and learn how to take inventory of your progress with "3 Small Wins!"

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