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Sensible Celebrations: Strategies to Holiday Festivities

As we step into the festive season, it’s essential to navigate the holiday celebrations without falling into the trap of overindulgence or the dread of post-holiday dieting. I'm here to share Ovvia’s approach to enjoying December’s delights in a way that honors both our health and our love for seasonal joys. It’s not just about making smart choices; it’s about savoring each moment and finding a harmonious balance between celebration and well-being.

1. Selective...
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Savor Thanksgiving, Skip Regrets: 10 Tips

Thanksgiving is one holiday where the focus on food is especially intense, but that doesn't mean you can't have a delightful yet health-conscious celebration. Follow these 10 strategic tips to savor the holiday without sacrificing wellness.

1. Prepare for the Post-Feast

Days before Thanksgiving, plan and shop for the holiday and the following weekend. Stock up on healthy, freezer-friendly meals. This will make it easier to revert to healthier eating habits post-holiday, reducing the...

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Back to Wellness: 5 Things to Start & Stop for Better Health

Revitalize Your Life: 5 Health Shifts

September often feels like the start of something fresh. As we approach the holiday weekend and Labor Day, a time that symbolizes back-to-school for many, it's a chance to restart. Whether you want to add positive habits or eliminate negative ones, here are 5 things to start and 5 things to stop for a total of 10 considerations to enhance your well-being right now.

Top 5 Things to Add:

Regular Exercise: Cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility...

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