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Joyful Eating: Navigating Seasonal Temptations with Grace

As the Christmas and New Year festivities approach, a time full of celebratory meals and tempting treats, maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle becomes a significant challenge. This season, I focus on strategies that empower me to appreciate and enjoy the holidays while remaining healthy and avoiding weight gain. Here are some personal tips that have helped me navigate this wonderful yet challenging time of year.

Tweak Your Environment

Willpower is crucial, but it shouldn't be your...

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New Year Resolutions that Work!

With the New Year right around the corner, it's common to consider resolutions to help us feel optimistic about change and set our aim in a new direction.

But when we fall short or burn out, it's easy to feel frustrated and quit. I know; I've done it! These tips will help simplify the process and help you succeed with your resolutions to change!

Don't Boil the Ocean

I used to list all the new habits and changes I wanted to make to become my "perfect self" and ultimately overwhelm myself,...

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