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5 Activities to Get You Moving this Fall

activities fitness tips Oct 08, 2021

5 Activities that Get you Moving this Fall!

It’s so easy to snuggle up indoors as the weather gets colder, which is awesome, but we all know the key to keep your metabolism healthy is activity! So break-up the repetition of your daily routine & spice things up! Get up, get outside & get moving! 

1. Corn Maze

Getting lost in a corn maze is not only a ton of fun with the family, it’s a good 30-40 minutes of walking! Level-up: make it a race & push your pace to see...

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Rethink Fitness

fitness Sep 03, 2021

Rethink Fitness

You don't need to exercise to lose weight, but you do need to exercise to gain proper metabolic function because it's the effectiveness and efficiency of your metabolism that determines your body weight. Which is why, it's a lot more difficult to stay slim without the gym!

To LISTEN to this information, check out my PODCAST "Exercise: How to Kick Start Your Metabolism"

This article will explain why exercise alone won't get you to your goal weight, and why dieting all by...

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