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Love is More than a Feeling; It's Fuel for Motivation!

Four ways to galvanize love to maintain healthy habits

Healthy habits can be easier when we implement the same motivation that drives us to endure the most challenging times: love. And that's because love is a transferable skill and deeply seeded motivation. Yes, love sustains us all and keeps us motivated to survive, strive and push past difficulties.

Most of us direct our focus and feelings toward someone we love: a spouse, child, sibling, parent, friend, or pet. Instead of solely...

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5 Affirmations that Inspire Me!  

"Could you do it for $ 1 million?" That's what I ask myself when things get hard or when I feel stressed, overwhelmed, and challenged. I try to give myself a "jolt" to help see the situation differently. A mental perspective shift requires firm, reassuring, and nurturing self-talk. Here are a few things I say to myself to retrieve my optimism, build perseverance, and tap into my underlying determination to keep going! 

  1. It's simple but not easy. I use this as a mantra to remind...
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3 Healthy Ways to Improve Mood

During winter, when the days are shorter and there's not as much sunlight, I adjust my routines and rely on these three things to boost my mood.

Comfort Food

Yes, comfort food, by definition, makes you feel good. And eating is a normal, healthy response to relieve not only the discomfort of hunger but it can also provide relief from uncomfortable feelings of loneliness, boredom, or sadness.

A healthy approach is to plan and prepare comfort foods made with natural ingredients that provide real...

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