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5 Essential Food Safety Tips from Netflix's New Documentary

What You Must Know to Protect Your Health

The new Netflix documentary, "Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food," was a potent reminder that the FDA needs to do more to protect us when it comes to food safety. Released on August 2nd, this 83-minute film exposes alarming gaps in our food supply chain and urges us to take control of our food safety. These tips summarize the documentary's key takeaways and offer actionable steps to protect yourself. 

Cantaloupe Caution

Cantaloupe is the...

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Unlock Weight Control: Meet Adiponectin

Here's a test you'll want for your next annual exam!

When it comes to metabolic health, understanding the intricate web of hormones that governs your body can feel like a mystery. Insulin and leptin often take center stage. But there's another key player in managing body weight: adiponectin. This often-overlooked hormone, adiponectin, could be the key to unlocking your weight control and overall well-being. 

What is Adiponectin?

Adiponectin is a hormone mainly produced by your fat cells....

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Food Pollution: The Hidden Truth about Processed Foods

Defining Real

When we talk about "real food vs. processed food," it's easy to get confused. We're not referring to freshly baked bread or neatly packaged goods. We mean food in its most natural state: fresh produce, meat, nuts, legumes, and beans[1]. Modern life has us reaching for convenience — processed foods. But behind their health-promising labels lies a stark reality. Have you noticed how our health and physique as a population have changed drastically in the past few decades?...

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Sizzling Tips for a Healthy & Fun Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches, the excitement of summer begins! How can you make the most of this three-day holiday weekend while staying healthy and enjoying yourself? We've got you covered with these simple tips:

Stay Hydrated
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially if you're spending time outdoors in the sun[1].
  • Opt for refreshing, non-alcoholic beverages like infused water or iced tea to keep you cool and hydrated.
Choose Healthy Grilling Options
  • Opt for lean meats, such as...
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