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3 Healthy Cocktail Recipes



Enjoy Yourself, Don't Destroy Yourself

When it comes to alcohol, what you drink can be just as important as how much you drink because alcohol isn't the only substance that can impact your health. Drinking sugar, fructose, and alcohol distilled from fruit can all trigger fat storage, slow metabolism, and stimulate appetite, hunger, and cravings. These tips and recipes can help you avoid unnecessary substances while you enjoy a cocktail! 

Avoid Sugar 

Most drinks are made from...

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6 Steps to Enjoy Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving is a holiday feast I look forward to every year! And just like any special event or vacation, these six steps help ensure I'm well-prepared to enjoy every moment!

 #1 Plan Beyond Thanksgiving

This Sunday, November 20th, I will shop for the Thanksgiving meal, and most importantly, I will shop for the weekend after Thanksgiving. I buy and prep the freezer-friendly, healthy meals I want on hand the weekend after the holiday feast. When I put effort into planning and preparing...

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4 Essential Holiday & Everyday Kitchen Tools

If it's in my kitchen, it needs to be functional year-round, not just something I use for a holiday. After I used each of these tools, I wondered how I survived without them! These are my must-have kitchen tools, and I'm confident you'll love them too!

#1 Poultry Sheers are best for spatchcocking or cutting the backbone out of the raw bird before roasting. I use mine for both chicken and turkey. They are spring-loaded, which means they're more powerful than ordinary scissors,...

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