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5 Essential Food Safety Tips from Netflix's New Documentary

What You Must Know to Protect Your Health

The new Netflix documentary, "Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food," was a potent reminder that the FDA needs to do more to protect us when it comes to food safety. Released on August 2nd, this 83-minute film exposes alarming gaps in our food supply chain and urges us to take control of our food safety. These tips summarize the documentary's key takeaways and offer actionable steps to protect yourself. 

Cantaloupe Caution

Cantaloupe is the number one fruit carrying dangerous bacteria. With skin that's nearly impossible to wash and growth conditions that invite contamination, cutting into the fruit may introduce bacteria. Scrubbing the surface with a brush under cold running water can help reduce risks. And avoid precut melons, as they are the most common source of previous outbreaks.

Sprout Warning

Sprouts can't be cleaned properly and are often the source of outbreaks. They are grown in conditions ideal for bacteria growth, making them particularly risky. It's advisable to avoid sprouts or consume them thoroughly cooked.

Lettuce Alert 

Bagged lettuce, including mixed greens or salads, even if "triple washed," may still host pathogens. It's worth noting that all the most recent outbreaks involve bagged and pre-washed greens. The washing processes aren't monitored, inspected, or regulated, which is why they are the most common hazardous source; the public assumes they're washed and safe. Instead, buy a whole head and wash it three times yourself to ensure safety.

Fish Risk 

Raw fish or meat can carry dangerous bacteria. The experts say you must decide whether to take the risk or stick to cooked options. Make sure to purchase fresh, high-quality products and follow proper handling and cooking procedures.

Burger Safety 

Ordering your burger to an internal temperature of 155°F is the way to go. Rare, medium, or well-done labels or visual indications regarding the meat color aren't enough. Ground meat can pull bacteria from the surface and distribute any potential contaminates throughout; cooking to a temperature that can kill it is the only way to ensure safety. If a restaurant cannot confirm the temperature, ordering something else is best.

Take Control! 

Knowledge is your best defense against the loopholes in our food supply chain. You don’t need to live in fear. These tips empower you to improve your food consumption and make educated choices. Interested in more insights like these? Join us as a Member or opt for our $5 paid subscription to dig deeper into wellness insights that empower you. Ovvia® Wellness is here to guide your health journey!

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