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5 Favorite Flavor Finds!

Healthy food can taste good! Check out all five photo images along with links, so you can try them and decide if you want to stock them in your pantry too! 

Ovvia's recipes for making your own salsa, guacamole and pesto are great ways to add flavor to your food. But homemade isn't always fast, easy and convenient. That's why, I keep these five things on my shelf at all times! 

"Everything But the Bagel" 

Yes this sesame seasoning blend is free of smuggles! And while I don't eat bagels regularly, I do eat chicken and fish, which taste great with this seasoning! Or splash a dash on popcorn, hummus, eggs or top a salad! 

Trader Joe's $1.99 as of this publication.

Tomato Paste: "Adult Ketchup"

I call it "adult ketchup"! Why? Squirt just what you need, like ketchup! And it literally delivers the great taste of ripe tomatoes that so many real tomatoes fail to offer. I do use ketchup from time-to-time, my favorite Ketchup is in the Member's Resource Section. But this paste is the real tomato flavor add you need to try!

It's a new discovery for me, because my entire life I always bought tomato paste in a can and used it only occasionally to make Italian sauces. Now, I've learned that the TUBE is the best way to add flavor to most any dish or recipe! It stays fresh in the fridge for up to 45 days.  

Never trust, always verify: read the list of ingredients just tomato paste is all you should find. CENTO is the brand shown here. 

Trader Joe's Chili Onion Crunch

 $4.29 online as of this publication date. And they literally say on the website that it makes everything taste better! I agree! I add it to eggs or beans to give them a kick. For me, it doesn't take much to deliver the spicy taste. Try it and let me know if you like it! 

Pesto by Seggiano

Pesto is a great source of both flavor and healthy fat! When I don't have time to make my favorite LEMON KALE PESTO recipe in the Ovvia Recipe Book, these are always on my shelf or in the fridge. 

Red & green deliver two very distinct flavor profiles. The red Is a stronger tomato and nutty profile. It's also hands-down a favorite I serve with appetizers and my friends always rave! The green is heavier in fresh basil and olive oil flavor. 

Read the entire bottle for instructions. Do NOT mix-in the layer of oil on the top. Dump it. And then after you're done using, cover the top with more olive oil. It serves as a layer of protection. Once opened it can keep refrigerated for up to one month. 

I buy both typically at Whole Foods or you can buy GREEN here on Amazon. PRICE as of publication for the GREEN: $10.49 per bottle and worth it, since it is a direct import from Italy! RED as of publication $16.74 on Amazon a significant increase, as it used to be priced the same as the green. 

Seggiano's website is fun to see, all of the amazing Italian foods, with recipes too! Unfortunately, the cost of shipping is too high to make ordering direct worth it. Let me know if you find other retailers or try any of their other products! Everything looks amazing! 


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