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Spot Genuine EVOO: Unveiling the Truth Behind Counterfeits

Are you Overpaying for a Counterfeit?

Just because you're shopping at a specialty grocery or high-end supermarket doesn't guarantee that the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) you're buying is the real deal. The olive oil industry is notorious for lacking regulation, which allows fake EVOO to infiltrate the market [1]. So, what's the difference between real and fake EVOO, and why should you care?

Real vs. Fake EVOO

  • Authenticity: Real EVOO meets stringent chemical and sensory standards, ensuring proper handling, storage, and minimal processing [2].
  • Taste: Genuine EVOO tastes fruity and free of flavor and odor defects [3].
  • Source: Fake EVOO often blends oils from various locations, despite labels suggesting a Mediterranean origin [4].

Benefits of Real EVOO

  1. Health: Real EVOO is rich in polyphenol compounds, promoting antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, heart health, and good gut bacteria [5].
  2. Stability: With lower triglycerides, authentic EVOO performs better at higher heats [6].
  3. Taste: You'll likely feel a tingle in the back of your throat after tasting real EVOO. Most people have never experienced the exceptional taste of real EVOO.

Bottom Line

Choose authentic EVOO for its health benefits, stability, and exceptional taste. Don't settle for imposters labeled as "EVOO." Stay tuned for next week's post, where we'll share tips for identifying genuine EVOO in the grocery store or when shopping online.

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