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Food Pollution: The Hidden Truth about Processed Foods

Defining Real

When we talk about "real food vs. processed food," it's easy to get confused. We're not referring to freshly baked bread or neatly packaged goods. We mean food in its most natural state: fresh produce, meat, nuts, legumes, and beans[1]. Modern life has us reaching for convenience — processed foods. But behind their health-promising labels lies a stark reality. Have you noticed how our health and physique as a population have changed drastically in the past few decades?...

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Authentic EVOO: Top Tips, Brands & Trusted Certifications

Struggling to find genuine extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)? 

In this shopping guide, discover the key factors to look for and certifications to trust when shopping for authentic EVOO. Last week, you learned how to "Spot Genuine EVOO: Unveiling the Truth Behind Counterfeits." Here's a quick and easy guide:

What Matters in EVOO

  1. Harvest Date: Choose EVOO within 24 months of harvest for optimal freshness [1].
  2. Ignore Buzzwords: "Fresh pressed," "cold pressed," and "Non-GMO" labels can be...
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Spot Genuine EVOO: Unveiling the Truth Behind Counterfeits

Are you Overpaying for a Counterfeit?

Just because you're shopping at a specialty grocery or high-end supermarket doesn't guarantee that the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) you're buying is the real deal. The olive oil industry is notorious for lacking regulation, which allows fake EVOO to infiltrate the market [1]. So, what's the difference between real and fake EVOO, and why should you care?

Real vs. Fake EVOO

  • Authenticity: Real EVOO meets stringent chemical and sensory standards, ensuring...
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