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My Favorite Chocolates


The Best is Made from Less

Chocolate isn't a healthy food, but it should be real food made from natural ingredients; with no chemicals, imitations, or artificial substitutes.

Look for the fewest ingredients. The essential components of a chocolate bar are cacao, sugar, cacao butter, and salt. If the chocolate is flavored, expect additional ingredients. Watch the video above for more tips!

Expect to Pay More

Real-quality ingredients will cost more than the more commonly known big brands at the store. Because these chocolates aren't chemical concoctions and low-cost substitutes that mimic the natural ingredients; that's why the "good stuff" will cost more. That's why I consider these chocolates an occasional indulgence. I savor each bite and enjoy the exceptional taste and flavor as it melts in my mouth.

Buy & Share

When I buy these in a package of three or more online, I share them with my friends and family. These special chocolate bars make great gifts to add to a holiday gift bag or bring along as a hostess gift with a bottle of wine! Or if I plan to keep them at home for my own occasional exceptional treat, then I'll keep them out of sight to remove the temptation; check out next week's blog for those tips! 

My Six Favorite Chocolate Brands  

#1 HU Chocolate of any kind is excellent. These are my top favorites:

Hu Dark Chocolate

Hu Vanilla Crunch Dark Chocolate

Hu Chocolate Covered Cashews

#2 Honey Mama Chocolate Bars- can be found in the grocery store's refrigerated section, typically alongside sour cream, yogurt, and specialty dairy.

#3 Theo Theo Dark Chocolate or Theo Salted Cashew

#4 Endorfin Foods Endorfin Foods Coconut Dream Chocolate Bar or Extra Dark Nibs & Salt

#5 Alter Eco chocolate bar, pictured below, with all my favorite brands!

#6 Taza Chocolate, pictured in the middle. These disks melt to create fantastic hot cocoa for a special holiday treat!

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