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Halloween Candy: The Spooky Truth Unveiled

The Sweet Delusion

If you think you can stop at 'just one' piece of Halloween candy, prepare for a plot twist. Welcome to the unsettling truth about these sugary treats, where sugar becomes the hidden villain that sabotages your self-control.

Outdated Metrics

Calories are yesterday's news when it comes to gauging the healthfulness of food. Manufacturers manipulate the size of candy portions to show fewer calories on the label, convincing consumers it's okay to eat more.

Sugar Scare

While the...

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How to Avoid the Halloween Candy Binge

Holidays will always bring seasonal decor and treats into the house.

I used to dread this time of year. I was working on getting healthy and wanted to lose weight, but all the candy created an overwhelming temptation that would eventually cause me to lose control.

But then I learned the truth about sugar, and it revealed that cravings are a normal reaction to the stimulation from the sweet substances that trigger binging and cravings.

These five tips are simple and easy ways to maintain...

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My Favorite Chocolates


The Best is Made from Less

Chocolate isn't a healthy food, but it should be real food made from natural ingredients; with no chemicals, imitations, or artificial substitutes.

Look for the fewest ingredients. The essential components of a chocolate bar are cacao, sugar, cacao butter, and salt. If the chocolate is flavored, expect additional ingredients. Watch the video above for more tips!

Expect to Pay More

Real-quality ingredients will cost more than the more commonly known big brands at the...

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10 Day Sugar Challenge!

Did you know, your taste buds regenerate every 10 days? Which means, you can actually improve the taste of natural, healthy food if you "reset your taste buds" with a 10 day rest! 

THE 10 DAY CHALLENGE: eliminate all "sweet stimulation" for at least 10 days so the sweet-receptor proteins on your tongue can reset. Then, after the 10 day "challenge", slowly reintroduce sweet taste and you'll find your tongue is more sensitive to sweet taste. You'll likely notice you don't crave sweet...

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Drinking & Sugar: The Fastest Way to Weight-Gain

Sugar is Secretly Smuggled into Drinks 

It’s clear that drinking soda isn’t healthy, but most people don't realize that most everything added to a drink is sugar: natural honey, sweetened coffee creamer, supplement tablets and even powders designed to boost your immune system! All of it is liquid sugar, even a hundred percent natural fruit juice & fruit smoothies are all sugar! Even alcohol that's been distilled from fruit, like wine and champagne are all liquid...

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How to Avoid the Halloween Candy Binge

candy sugar tips Oct 22, 2021

How to Avoid the Halloween Candy Binge

1. Delay 

Limit the time that the candy is in your house. On this occasion, procrastination is deliberate & makes sense. You'll be less likely to eat it & replace or replenish the supply if you buy it the same day or just before the holiday. 

2. Buy candy you don't like

Remember the candy you'd trade or throw away as a kid? That's the candy to buy to give away! You'll be less likely to partake if you don't like it. And you'll be more...

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