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New Year Resolutions that Work!

With the New Year right around the corner, it's common to consider resolutions to help us feel optimistic about change and set our aim in a new direction.

But when we fall short or burn out, it's easy to feel frustrated and quit. I know; I've done it! These tips will help simplify the process and help you succeed with your resolutions to change!

Don't Boil the Ocean

I used to list all the new habits and changes I wanted to make to become my "perfect self" and ultimately overwhelm myself, trying to boil the ocean by implementing everything at once. 

It's all part of "the perfectionist trap" because perfection-seeking leads to "all or nothing" thinking, which makes healthy habits and routines impossible to maintain. And that's why it is a typical road to failure and frustration.

Less is More

Start with what's manageable, even on the most hectic schedule. It's one of the best ways to set yourself up for success. 

Pick one primary focus, one action. Once you've tackled your initial resolution, you can continually expand and add more habits or goals later in the year. 

Build-Up Gradually 

Slowly construct change until you have achieved consistency. For example, when I started to exercise, I made it my primary focus for 30 days. After I was able to accomplish this goal, I felt confident in my ability to do more. Instead of adding more time at the gym, I was ready to focus on eating healthy. 

I picked one healthy meal as a focus, breakfast. And over time, after several weeks, I focused on lunch. I progressed to dinner and eliminated snacks and more!  

Don't Wait

You don't need to resolve "New Year, New Me"! You can start a new habit any day of the year. The New Year is just another day on the calendar and a new month. It's one of many times you can adopt new habits or work on yourself. Good, healthy choices are always available when you're determined and resolved to find them. Just make the next healthy choice and repeat it. 

Start Here

Listen to my podcast episode, "New Year Resolutions that Work!" for more tips! Join Ovvia® as a Member or a $5 Subscriber to reach your weight loss and wellness goals! Education makes a difference, which is the focus of my program. As your coach, I can help you change what you know, so you can change what you do and your body too! 

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