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Fake vs. Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil

fat healthy eating Mar 25, 2022

Have you been paying EVOO prices for counterfeits? Unfortunately, Olive Oil is another highly unregulated space. Which means there are a lot of imposters wearing the label of "EVOO" or "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" that don’t truly qualify as an EVOO. Most oils aren’t tested to certify the true quality of the oil and what's on the label isn't validated or verified. 

Fake vs. Real: What's the Difference? 

Real EVOO is the highest grade of quality awarded to olive oil. This international standard requires the fruit and the oil to meet both chemical and sensory standards. Lab testing reveals careful handling and storage of both the olives as fruit and the final oil that’s been extracted. EVOO is free of flavor and odor defects with fruity taste. 

Fake EVOO is a blend of oils or just plain olive oil and is commonly sold in the same higher price point, along side the real EVOO. These counterfeit oils are sold in bottles representing Mediterranean locations, but Italian-looking bottle doesn’t mean the olives were grown in Italy. Most imposters are grown in Tunisia, North Africa, Portugal and California and blended together.

Why Buy Real EVOO? 

It’s Healthier! The extraction of the oil from the fruit is done with minimal processing and heat. That’s why you’ll see “cold extraction” as frequent “selling point”, because the lower temperature preserves the nutrients and health properties of the fruit and oil. EVOO is also manufactured without chemical solvents. Refined oils like canola, shortening, corn and vegetable oils are over-processed with heat and chemical extraction. 

Polyphenol compounds are only found active in EVOO help good gut bacteria populate and stay healthy. Polyphenols are also known for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Online some retailers, like Olive Oil Lovers, allows you to shop and filter by volume of polyphenols! While polyphenols can be bitter in taste, they’re powerful in health benefits. 

It's a more stable, heart healthy oil. The composition of EVOO is verified. REAL EVOO’s Free Fatty Acids or FFAs are measured and confirmed to be lower than .05 which means it's lower in triglycerides and that's also why real EVOO can safely perform in higher heats. 

Great for Cooking! High quality EVOO’s smoke point ranges from 370°-405°. Which means it’s healthy and stable in pan frying up to 325° deep frying temps up to 350°! Heated within these temperature ranges, REAL EVOO retains is nutritional value too!

Exceptional Taste is something not widely known, since the majority of what's sold are EVOO impersonators, most of us don't know the great taste we've been missing! Next week, I'll teach you how to SHOP FOR REAL EVOO and verify if what you have in your pantry is real EVOO!  HINT: look for one of three trustworthy certifications like the "COOC" shown in the image attached to this blog post. 

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