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How to Boost Metabolism

Wonder why you can’t eat the same way you did in your teens, twenties and early thirties? Your metabolism changed! Why?

Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle tissue due to aging process.

As we age, our body composition changes. Muscle is lost and it’s replaced by fat. Which not only changes the shape of our body, it also reduces the metabolic rate. 

It starts in our 30s and continues at an average pace of 8% each decade. Which means, by the time we are 80 years old our...

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Avocado Secrets Revealed!

fat fiber healthy eating Jun 16, 2022

What's the most popular, creamy and tasty kind of avocado? How do you get the more "meat" and less seed? Get answers to these questions and more! Let's start with the first secret, "medium" size avocados are a myth!

Medium Avocado Myth

It's true medium avocados don't exist! And this is why there's so much confusion in understanding the nutrition facts! Below you learn all the important facts, along with bonus tips at and you'll know what I buy & why!

HASS -Est. 1935

Hass is the most...

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How Exercise Impacts Appetite & Hunger

Initially, after you start a new exercise routine, you’ll likely notice increased appetite and hunger. And that’s because of leptin. Leptin is one of your metabolic hormones that manages your appetite and fat stores. The problem is Leptin thinks that the stored fat on your body is intentionally there and that you've been saving and storing that extra fat as energy that you're depending on in the future. And that's why when you start an exercise program to lose weight, your...

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Healthy Salad Essentials & What to Avoid

It's not just fresh ingredients! A healthy salad is just like any complete meal and includes the top three essential nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and satisfied: fiber, protein and healthy fat. Unfortunately, there are a lot of imposters that mimc healthy salad ingredients, which is why, you need to know more about what's essential and what to avoid. 

Learn more and follow the highlighted links below to my 9 favorite healthy salad recipes



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Fillers & Fakes in Healthy Food?

diet fat healthy eating tips Apr 14, 2022

YES, unfortunately food that we think of as healthy is commonly loaded with unnecessary fillers and fakes. These two smuggles are in addition to the first two you learned about last week: #1 Fat and #2 Flavor. The bottom line tips from last week were: "Add your own flavor, buy the plain version. And buy full fat or whole milk products.” Read more here to learn the other two “Fs” that cause food to fail the “healthy” standard.

#3 Fillers are fake food and are a...

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4 Tips to Buying Healthy Food

Unsuspecting smuggled ingredients can derail your healthy eating by stimulating appetite, hunger and cravings! These 4 tips all start with the letter “F” and will help you when shopping for packaged foods so you can avoid unnecessary sugars, stimulants, fakes and fillers. In this two-part series, we’ll start with the first two things you need to know! And you’ll find examples and recommendations to help clarify too.

#1 Flavor variations most commonly include...

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How To Shop For Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Not all Olive Oil is the same. Last week, I shared why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the healthiest oil and you learned about the abundance of counterfeits. Here you'll learn exactly which certifications to look for and where to buy it!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is like wine. The region where the olives are grown influences the flavor and color. The process and care as to how the oil is extracted and bottled is another key to quality. And finally, if it's not stored properly, it will spoil. But...

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Fake vs. Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil

fat healthy eating Mar 25, 2022

Have you been paying EVOO prices for counterfeits? Unfortunately, Olive Oil is another highly unregulated space. Which means there are a lot of imposters wearing the label of "EVOO" or "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" that don’t truly qualify as an EVOO. Most oils aren’t tested to certify the true quality of the oil and what's on the label isn't validated or verified. 

Fake vs. Real: What's the Difference? 

Real EVOO is the highest grade of quality awarded to olive oil....

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Healthy Spring Chicken Recipe


Chicken, Cauliflower & Artichokes

Complete Meal, Protein, Meat

The flavors of this dish sing! The lemon coming through in the perfect way to make the dish the best spring time dinner in your rotation. 

TIP: Save time by using frozen artichoke hearts, available at Kroger stores and Trader Joe's.



  • 4 large artichokes, trimmed and sliced (or sub frozen)
  • one lemon, zest and juice.
  •  4-6 chicken thighs (bone in skin on)
  • 1 teaspoon Kosher Salt
  • 1...
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