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Surprising Ingredient Smuggles that Drive Appetite

diet healthy eating sugar Mar 11, 2022

Want to control your appetite? Check the ingredients! Unfortunately, what’s inside the carton, box or bag often includes appetite accelerates like: yeast, sugar, flour and monosodium glutamate. These nefarious “smuggles” have infiltrated even the most simplistic, basic foods like “Vegetable Broth”, “Heavy Cream”, and “Nut Butter”. 

Never trust, always verify.  

Even restaurants, like Starbucks, are known to "smuggle" unnecessary ingredients into their food. This week, Ovvia Member Valerie, experienced the plain oatmeal at Starbucks. Valerie noticed the oats didn’t quite taste the same as the healthy, whole grain oats she makes at home. And while the Starbucks employees insisted the oat were “just oats”, Valerie decided to verify. Starbucks' online the menu provided the specific ingredients and revealed the surprising smuggles of both “flour and gum”! 

Avoid the smuggle! Check the list of ingredients on the package or look it up online.

Brands we’d like to trust aren’t permanently reliable. Ingredients change over time and may not continue to be “smuggle-free”. Typically, ingredients change when there’s a new flavor variation. Or when there’s a need to increase profit, manufacturers reformulate ingredients with new additives to “stretch the product” by increasing volume and shelf-life.

Ingredients matter! To control your health, control your weight and control your appetite; first, step is to take back control over what you’re eating; more specifically, the ingredients inside the food.  

Taste the difference! Without the smuggled additives, gums, fillers and appetite accelerants what’s left is real food, made with real ingredients and you’ll notice it tastes better! Even treats like ice-cream and chocolate taste better when made with simple, real ingredients! 

Next week, we’ll dive-in more on the key nutrients that control appetite.

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