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Coffee: What to Buy & Why

Coffee Choices: Your Health Guide

Are you a coffee lover bewildered by the plethora of choices out there? From the flavored coffees in your local café to the tempting pods at the grocery store, the options are endless, and choosing the right coffee isn't just about flavor; it's a health decision, too. But before you fall under the spell of "vanilla cream puff" or "caramel brûlée," read on to get the real scoop on what you should buy and why with my top coffee...

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3 Steps to Identify Healthy Imposters

Want the shortcut to healthy eating? Learn how to identify the "healthy imposters!"

There's nothing worse than thinking you're making healthy choices and maintaining healthy habits but not seeing the results of your new decisions and actions. Most often, you've been unknowingly sabotaged by "healthy imposters." Unfortunately, these imposters can derail your weight-loss & wellness goals and, over time, can accumulate negative health consequences.

What's a Healthy Imposter? 

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How to Avoid the Halloween Candy Binge

Holidays will always bring seasonal decor and treats into the house.

I used to dread this time of year. I was working on getting healthy and wanted to lose weight, but all the candy created an overwhelming temptation that would eventually cause me to lose control.

But then I learned the truth about sugar, and it revealed that cravings are a normal reaction to the stimulation from the sweet substances that trigger binging and cravings.

These five tips are simple and easy ways to maintain...

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“Limit Sugar-Free," says WHO

"No Calories, No Consequence" is Not True.

The World Health Organization made a new recommendation after it received enough information to prove metabolic disruption is correlated to and may also be caused by the following "zero-calorie, sugar-free" substitutes:

Monk Fruit, Stevia, Sucralose, Aspartame, Acesulfame-K, Acesulfame Potassium, Ace-K, Equal®, SPLENDA®, neotame, saccharin, Monk Fruit In The Raw®, Lakanto®, SweetLeaf® and Whole Earth®, Truvia®, Pure...

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How to Make Healthy Food Taste Good

Healthy foods don't taste good? It's a normal response to fruits and veggies. Why? Today's modern manufactured and processed foods are all sweetened. Which means, your taste buds are conditioned to sweet taste.

If you want to dramatically improve the taste of healthy foods, you can in just 10 days, with a simple taste-bud reset! Follow these simple steps!

Why it Works

Every 10 days, we all naturally regenerate new taste buds; which include sweet-receptor proteins on the tongue. What make...

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4 Tips to Buying Healthy Food

Unsuspecting smuggled ingredients can derail your healthy eating by stimulating appetite, hunger and cravings! These 4 tips all start with the letter “F” and will help you when shopping for packaged foods so you can avoid unnecessary sugars, stimulants, fakes and fillers. In this two-part series, we’ll start with the first two things you need to know! And you’ll find examples and recommendations to help clarify too.

#1 Flavor variations most commonly include...

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Surprising Ingredient Smuggles that Drive Appetite

diet healthy eating sugar Mar 11, 2022

Want to control your appetite? Check the ingredients! Unfortunately, what’s inside the carton, box or bag often includes appetite accelerates like: yeast, sugar, flour and monosodium glutamate. These nefarious “smuggles” have infiltrated even the most simplistic, basic foods like “Vegetable Broth”, “Heavy Cream”, and “Nut Butter”. 

Never trust, always verify.  

Even restaurants, like Starbucks, are known to "smuggle"...

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10 Day Sugar Challenge!

Did you know, your taste buds regenerate every 10 days? Which means, you can actually improve the taste of natural, healthy food if you "reset your taste buds" with a 10 day rest! 

THE 10 DAY CHALLENGE: eliminate all "sweet stimulation" for at least 10 days so the sweet-receptor proteins on your tongue can reset. Then, after the 10 day "challenge", slowly reintroduce sweet taste and you'll find your tongue is more sensitive to sweet taste. You'll likely notice you don't crave sweet...

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3 Cocktails that WON'T Spike your Blood Sugar



2-3oz vodka

Sparkling water

Lime Juice



2-3oz gin

Lime Juice 



2-3oz Whiskey


Sparkling water

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10 Tips to Avoid Healthy Imposters

2-minute read

Want the shortcut to healthy eating? Don't be fooled by the "healthy imposters." There are so many processed foods impersonating healthy foods. The problem is these imposters can quickly derail your weight-loss & wellness goals and, over time, can accumulate negative health consequences.

Here are my TOP 10 quick tips to help you identify healthy imposters!

  1. Ignore the front of the package. It's the promotional space manufacturers use to convince you to "buy."
  2. Ignore the...
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