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Feast Wisely: Thanksgiving Myths Debunked

As the leaves change color and the air gets crisp, we gear up for one of the most cherished—and often indulgent—times of the year: the holiday season. Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around family, gratitude, and, yes, food. To help you make informed choices, Ovvia® Wellness is here to guide you through common nutrition myths with Real Food, Real Science, and Real Solutions. Subscribe for free to our weekly newsletter for the latest blog posts and exclusive access to our newest healthy recipes—delivered straight to your inbox!"

The Turkey Tryptophan Tale

Myth: The tryptophan in turkey makes you sleepy.

Fact: While turkey does contain the amino acid tryptophan, it's not solely responsible for your post-feast sleepiness. Carbs are the actual instigators.

Real Solution: Control portions of high-carb items like mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, and pies. Even a quarter-cup of mashed potatoes or half a dinner roll can make a difference in how you feel post-meal.

The Cranberry Conundrum

Myth: Cranberry sauce is a healthy, low-sugar option.

Fact: Store-bought jellied cranberry sauce can have as much as 24 grams of added sugar and 28 total carbohydrates in just 1/4 cup!

Real Solution: Make a homemade cranberry sauce using less sugar or a natural sweetener. This is your Real Solution to a holiday favorite.

The Sweet Potato vs. White Potato Debate

Myth: Sweet potatoes are the healthier alternative to white potatoes.

Fact: Both sweet and white potatoes are high in starchy carbohydrates that can spike blood sugar, and neither offers significant natural fiber to offset the surge of glucose.

Real Solution: Instead of opting for traditional potatoes, why not try our "Scalloped Butternut Squash" recipe? It's a high-fiber and lower-carb alternative that's both delicious and nutritious.

The Stuffing Situation

Myth: Stuffing is just bread; how bad could it be?

Fact: Traditional stuffing can be high in saturated fats and sodium.

Real Solution: Enjoy stuffing in moderation and skip the bread or rolls commonly found on the side. Remember, stuffing offers the best breaded, savory flavors—make it your exception for the day!

The Gravy Gap

Myth: Gravy is often seen as a simple, flavorful, high-calorie sauce that complements turkey, potatoes, and stuffing.

Fact: Traditional gravy recipes frequently use saturated fats and processed thickeners like cornstarch or flour.

Real Solution: Try our Lentil Mushroom Gravy recipe. This isn't just a topping—it's a superfood sauce that complements your holiday meal while aligning with your health goals.

Empowering Your Choices

Understanding these Real Solutions helps demystify the complexities of nutrition during the holidays. Ready to take the next step in your wellness journey? Subscribe for free for more of what Ovvia® Wellness offers, and make informed choices with Real Food, Real Science, and Real Simple solutions. Happy Thanksgiving!

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