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Love is More than a Feeling; It's Fuel for Motivation!

Four ways to galvanize love to maintain healthy habits

Healthy habits can be easier when we implement the same motivation that drives us to endure the most challenging times: love. And that's because love is a transferable skill and deeply seeded motivation. Yes, love sustains us all and keeps us motivated to survive, strive and push past difficulties.

Most of us direct our focus and feelings toward someone we love: a spouse, child, sibling, parent, friend, or pet. Instead of solely devoting love outside ourselves, we can turn some attention and affection back to ourselves to cultivate a new level of self-love that's motivating.

#1 Acceptance & Kindness

The first step to change is acceptance, which means acknowledging where your body is today. Kindly respond to the bad health report, the increased body weight, or the clothes that no longer fit. It doesn't mean you need to like it. But you need to find a way to accept the current status as reality and formulate a realistic plan that will allow your body to progress towards a healthy change. Be kind, sensible, and patient.

#2 Care & Concern

We protect, defend and advocate for those we love. In the same way, protect yourself from your demands for perfection and absolute compliance. Care for yourself with the same affection and attention you give others; love provides others with what they need to survive and thrive. Stop, pause, and consider how to give yourself the same caring, concern, and consideration.

When I say, "I don't feel like doing anything healthy habits today." That's when I respond to my primal brain that wants to seek comfort and avoid pain, and I advocate for my body that wants to protect its health. "Listen, I get it, but this is when we have to power through. Let's find a way to make it fun today!"

#3 Gratitude & Appreciation

Your body never misses a beat! The heart keeps beating, your lungs continue to breathe, and so many other functions continue without the interference of our mind. So when you feel yourself wanting to criticize, ridicule, or critique your body: stop. And instead, respond with gratitude.

Hostility and gratitude cannot co-exist. That's why the simple focus of listing all the things you're grateful for and parts of your body that you appreciate helps to defuse hostility and ignite the motivation you want to improve.

#4 Commitment & Devotion

This one body is what we're given for this one lifetime. It's not something we can trade in or exchange, so if we want to change it, we need to activate a plan and change our habits and routines so our bodies can change too.

Don't ever give up or quit. Your mind and body are a team that needs to work together. You're united, so keep the commitment to take care of yourself. Advocate for your health and take every healthy step to maintain and improve your health and wellness!

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