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Love is More than a Feeling; It's Fuel for Motivation!

Four ways to galvanize love to maintain healthy habits

Healthy habits can be easier when we implement the same motivation that drives us to endure the most challenging times: love. And that's because love is a transferable skill and deeply seeded motivation. Yes, love sustains us all and keeps us motivated to survive, strive and push past difficulties.

Most of us direct our focus and feelings toward someone we love: a spouse, child, sibling, parent, friend, or pet. Instead of solely...

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How to Maintain New Year Motivation

The New Year will reliably spark renewed motivation to change habits and routines. Earlier this month, I published "New Year Resolutions that Work," which outlined the steps to make the change successfully. But maintaining motivation throughout the calendar year is the most difficult. So here are the newest ways to help keep your motivation to change.

Set Flexible Goals

Healthy habits and routines only survive the everyday pressure of time and unexpected interruptions of daily life when the...

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Team Up With Me!

If you have weight loss and wellness goals for 2023, team up with me!

As your coach, I provide valuable insights to help inform your everyday choices and help you advance more quickly and efficiently to hit your goals.

Alone, Most People Quit  

Weight loss is a long, slow journey full of distractions, disappointment, and discouragement. Alone, on your own, it's easy to take an offramp or get confused with the conflicting information and advertisements that so easily mislead you into...

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