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3 Healthy Ways to Improve Mood

During winter, when the days are shorter and there's not as much sunlight, I adjust my routines and rely on these three things to boost my mood.

Comfort Food

Yes, comfort food, by definition, makes you feel good. And eating is a normal, healthy response to relieve not only the discomfort of hunger but it can also provide relief from uncomfortable feelings of loneliness, boredom, or sadness.

A healthy approach is to plan and prepare comfort foods made with natural ingredients that provide real satisfaction instead of junk, fast, or convenience foods that include stimulating substances.

Warm aromatic foods that taste great, filled with fiber and other healthy nutrients will improve mood by providing the body and the brain with natural satisfaction.

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1. Berbere Chicken & Lentils

2. Spicy Chickpeas & Creamed Spinach 

3. Coconut Curry

4. Red Chili

5. Spaghetti Squash Hamburger Bake

Warm Water

When it's cold outside, it's easy not to want to drink water. That's why the best way to maintain healthy hydration is to change the temperature of the water. Plain hot water could be more appealing, but caffeine-free tea is absolutely a great way to get the hydration your body needs.

Dehydration can directly impact metabolic function and mood. Because when your body is low on water, it will slow down to preserve resources, causing sluggishness and sleepiness.

All fluids contribute to hydration, as long as you avoid drinking sugar; when your body is adequately hydrated, your mood and energy levels will improve!

Stick to a Schedule

Our circadian rhythm is the body's natural clock regulating hunger, sleep hormones, and more. Less natural sunlight in the winter can disrupt our circadian rhythm, making sleeping more difficult. Lack of sleep increases the stress hormone cortisol, which is naturally programmed to increase hunger, appetite, and cravings.

You can easily control and restore your circadian rhythm with a set wake time. Waking up every day at the same time is the best way to set your internal clock. It will help your body naturally wind down to sleep at a set time. And a good night's sleep will also help to keep stress hormone levels lower to control appetite, hunger, and cravings.

Scheduled bedtime, meal, and exercise can also keep the circadian clock in a healthy pattern. And remember the obvious: these healthy routines all work together to improve mood!

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