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Stand Up to Improve Metabolic Health 

If Sitting is as Unhealthy as Smoking, How do we Quit?

Stand up at least once every hour, and remain standing for at least one minute. Ideally, walking or doing air squats to activate your muscles during the one minute. Because when you activate your muscles, you keep the mitochondria in the muscle cells strong, which increases your metabolism's efficiency and overall health. 

65% of Muscle is Below the Belt  

Most of the body's muscle is in the legs, thighs, glutes,...

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3 Healthy Ways to Improve Mood

During winter, when the days are shorter and there's not as much sunlight, I adjust my routines and rely on these three things to boost my mood.

Comfort Food

Yes, comfort food, by definition, makes you feel good. And eating is a normal, healthy response to relieve not only the discomfort of hunger but it can also provide relief from uncomfortable feelings of loneliness, boredom, or sadness.

A healthy approach is to plan and prepare comfort foods made with natural ingredients that provide real...

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3 Simple Ways to Boost Metabolism

Your body wants to maintain a steady weight with reliable metabolic function and relies on the right balance of energy and nutrients. So, if you need a healthy pivot after the holiday, focus on these top three levers to help boost your metabolism. 

#1 Fiber

Find fiber first in every meal and make it the foundation, not the optional side dish. The metabolism's hormonal infrastructure relies on fiber from natural foods to maintain digestive health. To learn more, listen to my podcast...

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The Latest Wearable Device: CGM

You don’t need the latest innovation to extract valuable information; there’s a better way!

Want to lose weight, lower blood sugar, and improve metabolic health? Don’t jump on this device trend! Diet companies are betting a wearable device will provide feedback to highlight bad choices and reinforce good choices to transform behavior. The concept is good, but the round-the-clock surveillance isn’t necessary. There’s a better, less expensive way to get the same...

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Workout Smarter, Not Harder!

Not getting the results you want, or maybe you've hit a plateau? It's time to make a change! When it comes to cardiovascular activity, duration, frequency, and intensity are the top levers to pull. The good news is the modification is simple! 

Lower Intensity

Cardio activity is the best way to improve your metabolism. But the latest trends in cardio push most people out of the steady beneficial range. Intervals and high-intensity training hit the top cardio zones and aren't the best way...

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Push, Pull, Legs- My Strong Muscle Routine!

exercise metabolism muscle Jul 08, 2022

Muscle Drives Metabolism & Mobility that’s why I focus on encouraging my Ovvia Members to get strong and stay strong! It’s never too late to improve your strength.


How to Build Muscle
Resistance training and weight lifting are the best ways to build muscle. And healthy muscles require activation for your body needs to stay metabolically healthy. Ovvia Members know I talk about maintaining healthy eating and activity, because the two work together to keep your...

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How to Boost Metabolism

Wonder why you can’t eat the same way you did in your teens, twenties and early thirties? Your metabolism changed! Why?

Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle tissue due to aging process.

As we age, our body composition changes. Muscle is lost and it’s replaced by fat. Which not only changes the shape of our body, it also reduces the metabolic rate. 

It starts in our 30s and continues at an average pace of 8% each decade. Which means, by the time we are 80 years old our...

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How Exercise Impacts Appetite & Hunger

Initially, after you start a new exercise routine, you’ll likely notice increased appetite and hunger. And that’s because of leptin. Leptin is one of your metabolic hormones that manages your appetite and fat stores. The problem is Leptin thinks that the stored fat on your body is intentionally there and that you've been saving and storing that extra fat as energy that you're depending on in the future. And that's why when you start an exercise program to lose weight, your...

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Constantly Hungry & Fighting Cravings?

Hunger and cravings are the primary signals your body uses to ask for the three key nutrients it needs to survive and thrive. Once it’s properly fed it will tell the brain to “Stop eating, I’m satisfied”. Fiber, protein and healthy fat are the three key nutrients that manage hunger and work best when consumed whole, in real, unprocessed foods. 

Fiber is essential because it stays behind in your digestive tract to feed your good-gut-bacteria that literally...

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3 Cocktails that WON'T Spike your Blood Sugar



2-3oz vodka

Sparkling water

Lime Juice



2-3oz gin

Lime Juice 



2-3oz Whiskey


Sparkling water

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