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10 Tips to Avoid Healthy Imposters

2-minute read

Want the shortcut to healthy eating? Don't be fooled by the "healthy imposters." There are so many processed foods impersonating healthy foods. The problem is these imposters can quickly derail your weight-loss & wellness goals and, over time, can accumulate negative health consequences.

Here are my TOP 10 quick tips to help you identify healthy imposters!

  1. Ignore the front of the package. It's the promotional space manufacturers use to convince you to "buy."
  2. Ignore the Nutritional Facts. While "added sugar" is a quick way to check for unnatural sugars added, it doesn't always reveal hidden-sugar substitutes & chemical imposters.
  3. Read the List of Ingredients to look for "smuggles" & "imposters."
  4. Avoid "imposter" fiber & protein; they don't function the same in your body as the natural forms of fiber & protein.
  5. Avoid "imposter" sugars; they're more powerful & interfere with your body's taste preference for healthy, natural foods.
  6. Avoid gums, flour & fillers.
  7. Avoid MSG, monosodium glutamate, which perpetuates appetite
  8. Less is best. The fewer the ingredients, the better
  9. Know the names of what's inside. If you don't know it, look it up. It's likely a smuggler or imposter
  10. Never trust; always verify. Never trust health claims on the package; always verify what's inside

For more information, be sure to listen to my podcast episodes, where I detail more about "healthy imposters." Ovvia MEMBERS can watch the videos in the MEMBER'S LIBRARY for more details.


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