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My Secret Motivation!

3 min read 

Self-Love is my secret motivation! Why? Because I know, “You’ll quit what you don’t care about.” Which means, you’ll stop working to improve and maintain your health if you don’t have real self-love established. 

When I was upset with my body and feeling discouraged and frustrated with my excess weight, I’d tell myself, “I’ll love myself more once I get to my healthy weight.” But then I learned that the “condition” of weight-loss that I was using, wasn’t true-love. That’s “conditional love”. And it takes true love to maintain real, permanent motivation. 

 How do you truly love yourself, when you’re currently not feeling satisfied with your body? 
Motivation is a skill that builds with awareness and transforms behavior with practice. That’s the work I do with my Ovvia Members. I’ve recorded more than a dozen videos for my Members that help to build the skill of self-love and rethink what it means to “love yourself, truly”. 

Quick tips to increase Self-Love: 

1.  Gratitude & Appreciation

Hostility cannot co-exist with gratitude, so remove the disgust and self-loathing with gratitude!  

Start with the smallest things like your heartbeat, breathing and blood flow! They’re all automatic! The key is to increase appreciation for your body!

2.  Care & Concern 

No one will ever care for you more than you care for yourself. It’s not selfish, it’s self-respect. When you care for your body and health, you show other people that you’re a priority and they learn to value you in the same way you value yourself. 

3.  Acceptance & Kindness 

Progress matters more than perfection. Practice accepting the mistakes and disappointments as normal. Be patient and kind, showing yourself the same love and understanding you extend to others. 

4.  Devotion

Commit to yourself and your health, no matter what. You have this one body, this one life and both depend on your actions and choices to maintain your health. 

Learn more in the Ovvia Member’s Library! Watch the videos in the “Motivation Series” and the “Self-Love” video is part of the “Emotional & Mental Strength” series. Be sure to watch them all and participate in the workshops too! 

Remember these are all skills you build and practice regularly, then over time, you’ll notice the work you’ve done will have accumulated to real transformation and change! 

Watch all of the videos in the Member's Video Library about Motivation, Confidence, Emotional Eating & more!


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