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5 Things I Say to Build Resiliency

"Could you do it for $1million?" That's what I ask myself when things get hard or when I feel stressed, overwhelmed and challenged. I try to give myself a "jolt" to help see the situation differently. A shift in mental perspective requires some firm, reassuring & nurturing self-talk. Here are a few things I say to myself to retrieve my optimism, build resiliency and tap into my underlying determination to keep going! 

  1. It’s simple, but not easy. I use this as a mantra to...
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Emerson's Self-Care Routine

You've likely been focused on friends & family these last few weeks, now it's time for YOU to recharge & take time for yourself! Self-care isn't selfish, it's how you show appreciation & value for your healthy body and mind! Sharing what I do DAILY, OCCASIONALLY & what I deliberately SCHEDULE to encourage & inspire you to make time for yourself in some small way, each & every day! 

Watch my complete guide to help "Build Your Own Self-Care Routine" in the Member's...

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Support Matters!

coach mental health support Aug 16, 2021

When attempting a big lifestyle change, support is absolutely key!


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coach mental health support Aug 13, 2021

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