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Food Pollution: The Hidden Truth about Processed Foods

Defining Real

When we talk about "real food vs. processed food," it's easy to get confused. We're not referring to freshly baked bread or neatly packaged goods. We mean food in its most natural state: fresh produce, meat, nuts, legumes, and beans[1]. Modern life has us reaching for convenience — processed foods. But behind their health-promising labels lies a stark reality. Have you noticed how our health and physique as a population have changed drastically in the past few decades?...

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What's in Your Food? 7 Ingredients Banned Abroad

Why are some food additives allowed in the United States but banned in other countries? Several controversial ingredients are still permitted in the US food supply, despite being restricted or banned elsewhere. Here are the top additives you'll want to avoid and look out for in our food supply and where they're commonly found.

# 1 Artificial Food Dyes

Linked to hyperactivity in children and potential carcinogenic effects [1]. These food colors are banned or labeled with warnings in the...

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