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Journey to Wellness: 5 Key Habits

Simple Ways to Master Midlife Metabolism

Everyone's weight loss journey is unique, primarily influenced by seven biological mechanisms that regulate body weight. After decades of personal struggle, I found that incorporating five consistent habits sparked a transformative health journey, resulting in a weight loss of 75 pounds, even at now that I'm 56 years old!

Consistent Daily Exercise: Exercise must be an integral part of our daily routine[1], like brushing our teeth. With age, our metabolism relies on regular movement to keep blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and body weight in check. A blend of cardio, which bolsters cardiovascular health, and resistance training, which builds muscle mass and boosts metabolism, is the key to success[5]. For a deeper dive into the benefits of both, listen to my podcast's "exercise" episode, or if you're a Member, check out the exercise video series.

Quit Carb Restriction: Foods labeled 'low-carb' or 'keto-friendly' can be misleading. They often overlook the importance of fiber, a crucial carbohydrate for a healthy gut and appetite control[2]. Once I shifted focus to healthy carbs and shunned processed foods, my cravings substantially diminished.

No Snacking: Continuous eating can disrupt our body's fat-burning process[3]. Replacing snacks with hydrating drinks and spacing meals five hours apart worked wonders for me[6].

Quality Food & Recipes: The foods we choose to consume greatly influence our health and weight. I focused on high-quality ingredients, whole foods, and nutritious recipes, thus replacing processed foods in my diet[7]. Discover a variety of these wholesome, satisfying recipes as a Member of Ovvia.

Pure Water: Pure water is the only hydration our bodies need. Upon discovering potential hidden additives in "naturally flavored" beverages, I switched to unflavored water, adding fresh lemon or lime to improve taste[4]. My other motivation for proper hydration is how it aids in regulating hunger and reducing decoy hunger signals.

Bottom Line: Sustainable lifestyle changes will maintain wellness, not temporary diets. For more detailed strategies, tips, and access to a wealth of recipes, Subscribe for $5 to unlock all of Ovvia's 100+ recipes. Or join us as a Member for full access to our entire Member's Video Library! Let's journey together toward better health!

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