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Nuts: The Healthy Hoax

The Nutty Truth: Not All Nuts Are Created Equal

Myth-Busting: Are all nuts equally good for you? Far from it. Nuts can be a nutritious and delicious snack, but not all nuts are created equal. Did you know that most nuts in the market are processed? It's crucial to scrutinize labels to ensure you're getting a healthy option. Let's delve into the difference between healthy and unhealthy nuts.

Variety Trap

Added Flavor: Manufacturers offer an array of flavors to attract customers....

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Journey to Wellness: 5 Key Habits

Simple Ways to Master Midlife Metabolism

Everyone's weight loss journey is unique, primarily influenced by seven biological mechanisms that regulate body weight. After decades of personal struggle, I found that incorporating five consistent habits sparked a transformative health journey, resulting in a weight loss of 75 pounds, even at now that I'm 56 years old!

Consistent Daily Exercise: Exercise must be an integral part of our daily routine[1], like brushing our teeth. With age, our...

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Tasty Tricks: How Foods, By Design, Are Hard to Resist

Why is it so hard to take one bite and stop? It's not you. It's the food. Processed foods keep all of us eating and wanting more by design with unstoppable taste, flavor, and variety, stimulating us so we can't stop eating. 

Tasty Tricks 

Taste is the first place our brain registers stimulation and flavor. So that's why food manufacturers know to develop substances stimulating the tongue and the brain. And they constantly formulate new ways to amplify the power of what we...

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