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Journey to Wellness: 5 Key Habits

Simple Ways to Master Midlife Metabolism

Everyone's weight loss journey is unique, primarily influenced by seven biological mechanisms that regulate body weight. After decades of personal struggle, I found that incorporating five consistent habits sparked a transformative health journey, resulting in a weight loss of 75 pounds, even at now that I'm 56 years old!

Consistent Daily Exercise: Exercise must be an integral part of our daily routine[1], like brushing our teeth. With age, our...

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3 Simple Ways to Boost Metabolism

Your body wants to maintain a steady weight with reliable metabolic function and relies on the right balance of energy and nutrients. So, if you need a healthy pivot after the holiday, focus on these top three levers to help boost your metabolism. 

#1 Fiber

Find fiber first in every meal and make it the foundation, not the optional side dish. The metabolism's hormonal infrastructure relies on fiber from natural foods to maintain digestive health. To learn more, listen to my podcast...

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