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Constantly Hungry & Fighting Cravings?

Hunger and cravings are the primary signals your body uses to ask for the three key nutrients it needs to survive and thrive. Once it’s properly fed it will tell the brain to “Stop eating, I’m satisfied”. Fiber, protein and healthy fat are the three key nutrients that manage hunger and work best when consumed whole, in real, unprocessed foods. 

Fiber is essential because it stays behind in your digestive tract to feed your good-gut-bacteria that literally communicate with the brain to signal satiety and hunger. Fiber also provides protection against blood-sugar surges that typically trigger fat storage. For more information on how fiber works as the “natural fat blocker” listen to this episode of my podcast!

Protein is essential to satisfy hunger too! Functionally protein helps to keep the hormonal infrastructure healthy. And there are several hormones that regulate and manage the metabolism, which makes protein an essential nutrient too.

Healthy fat is essential to provide energy, protection, function and development to multiple systems in the body. Most immediately, when you eat healthy fat, it signals satiety and satisfaction that starts in your mouth and signals to your brain to stop eating. 

Excess energy is stored as fat. Too much of any nutrient is considered excess energy.

Not enough of any one of these three nutrients and your body will continue to signal hunger and escalate to a primal drive of appetite and cravings to push you to consume the nutrients it needs. 

Learn how much fiber, protein and healthy fat is needed in each meal. I work directly with my Ovvia Members to teach them how to add each of these essential nutrients to every meal.

Stop dieting and eliminating foods and instead, start building meals that truly satisfy your hunger and the nutrients your body needs. When you know how to properly fuel your body, your natural hunger signals will restore and you’ll be back in control. You can have a healthy body, a healthy metabolism and restore your body to a health weight too! 

Learn more as a Member of Ovvia by working directly with me and watching the Member's Video Library, where I've recorded more than 65 instructional videos. And listen to the PODCAST episodes for more education for FREE! 


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