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Team Up With Me!

If you have weight loss and wellness goals for 2023, team up with me!

As your coach, I provide valuable insights to help inform your everyday choices and help you advance more quickly and efficiently to hit your goals.

Alone, Most People Quit  

Weight loss is a long, slow journey full of distractions, disappointment, and discouragement. Alone, on your own, it's easy to take an offramp or get confused with the conflicting information and advertisements that so easily mislead you into unhealthy territory. I help you avoid all of it. I work to keep you focused and on the healthy path.

With Me, You'll Keep Going

I work to keep you motivated, strengthen your understanding of new concepts and help shift your perspective to inspire you too! We work together, sharing the same goal and mission of continued support and progress.

Proven Success 

I've been on this journey, and I know firsthand what it's like to struggle and feel defeated in this aspect of my life while feeling accomplished in many other areas. I solved this puzzle myself; I lost the weight and kept it off. And now, I want to help other people like you.

Uniquely Qualified 

I don't point to a certificate to demonstrate my expertise. I earned my bachelor's degree in business, and instead of going back to school to learn how weight loss and wellness work, I taught myself. Because I hired those certified experts in the past, and their programs fell short, they don't reflect what science currently knows to be true about metabolic function and weight loss.

Modern Science   

Ovvia® is entirely science-based, and I built a library of videos to teach my Members the facts and curriculum around nutrition to make the complex subjects simple and easy to incorporate into your day-to-day life. Once you change what you know, then it's easier to change what you do. And over time, your body will change too!

Watch & Learn More

The video accompanying this blog post gives you more information about why you want to work with me as your weight loss and wellness coach.

Learn more about "Why Ovvia® Works" and how it compares to other diet and weight loss programs to help you lose weight and improve overall wellness.

Watch "What to Expect as a Member of Ovvia®" and see more options for Membership here. 

Watch the video to learn more, "About Me," Emerson Leigh, or listen to it on my podcast

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