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Team Up With Me!

If you have weight loss and wellness goals for 2023, team up with me!

As your coach, I provide valuable insights to help inform your everyday choices and help you advance more quickly and efficiently to hit your goals.

Alone, Most People Quit  

Weight loss is a long, slow journey full of distractions, disappointment, and discouragement. Alone, on your own, it's easy to take an offramp or get confused with the conflicting information and advertisements that so easily mislead you into...

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How to Protect Healthy Habits After a Time Change

"Fall back" is how I remember this seasonal time change to set my clocks back. And if I'm not mindful of healthy habits and routines, it's easy to fall back into unhealthy patterns. That's because, in addition to the days getting shorter and shorter. The brain reacts to the lack of sunlight and works to adjust its natural clock too. 

The brain wants to hibernate, urging me to stay in bed longer or get inside and stay inside earlier in the evening. It's the internal clock we all have...

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How to Avoid the Halloween Candy Binge

Holidays will always bring seasonal decor and treats into the house.

I used to dread this time of year. I was working on getting healthy and wanted to lose weight, but all the candy created an overwhelming temptation that would eventually cause me to lose control.

But then I learned the truth about sugar, and it revealed that cravings are a normal reaction to the stimulation from the sweet substances that trigger binging and cravings.

These five tips are simple and easy ways to maintain...

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