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How to Avoid the Halloween Candy Binge

Holidays will always bring seasonal decor and treats into the house.

I used to dread this time of year. I was working on getting healthy and wanted to lose weight, but all the candy created an overwhelming temptation that would eventually cause me to lose control.

But then I learned the truth about sugar, and it revealed that cravings are a normal reaction to the stimulation from the sweet substances that trigger binging and cravings.

These five tips are simple and easy ways to maintain...

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How Taste & Flavor Trigger Overconsumption

craving react trigger Jul 22, 2022

Why is it so hard to take one bite and stop? It's not you. It's the food. Processed foods are designed and formulated to keep you eating and wanting more. They’re manufactured to deliver unstoppable taste, flavor, and variety, all designed to stimulate you so you can't stop eating. Here I’ll cover taste and flavor, in a future article, I’ll tell you how variety stimulates overconsumption. 

Tasty Tricks 

Taste is the first place our brain registers stimulation and...

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