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5 Things I Say to Build Resiliency

"Could you do it for $1million?" That's what I ask myself when things get hard or when I feel stressed, overwhelmed and challenged. I try to give myself a "jolt" to help see the situation differently. A shift in mental perspective requires some firm, reassuring & nurturing self-talk. Here are a few things I say to myself to retrieve my optimism, build resiliency and tap into my underlying determination to keep going! 

  1. It’s simple, but not easy. I use this as a mantra to...
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3 Ways to Control Metabolism with Food

The metabolism is a system managed by an entire infrastructure of hormones. Yet we all control at least three aspects of our metabolism because our body responds based on the foods we eat. 

If you take a vegetable, like broccoli, and compare that to another food, like ice cream, 230 calories of broccoli, isn't equivalent to 230 calories of ice cream. Your body knows the difference between these two foods because your body reacts to three different things in the food. 


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