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Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

Blood Sugar Matters for Everyone, Especially if You're Over 45  

If you're over 45 years old, you're even more susceptible to increased blood pressure, body weight, increased (bad) LDL cholesterol, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and more! Elevated blood sugar levels are a cause and contributor to almost every one of these conditions.

Healthy foods can help lower blood sugar levels naturally to help improve these conditions to avoid progressive disease.

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Sweet Potatoes Aren't Healthier: "Uprooting" the Myth

Sweet potatoes have been erroneously reported as the healthier potato because the size used for comparison was a Russet that’s 52% larger in weight! How did so many trusted nutritional professionals and reliable resources get this nutrition fact wrong? 

Small, medium and large sizes are most familiar to the general population and easiest to visualize. The problem is the weight for each medium sample on the USDA’s website isn’t the same; see USDA images below.


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Best Weekend Pancake Recipe!

Pancakes are a fun food I enjoy on occasion and when I do, they better be exceptionally good! Which means, I will make my own mix, using simple ingredients, from my family recipe below: no fillers, no fakes and no flour imposters. 

What’s a flour imposter? It’s flour impersonating a healthy food, because it is made from a healthy ingredient, it pretends to be healthier. But it isn’t because once the healthy ingredient is transformed it into flour it’s an...

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Beer: Did You Know?

Beer is often referred to as liquid bread, because regular beer contains sugar in the form of maltose…that’s the sugary carb and the brewer’s yeast, which is used to make both bread and beer. 

UPDATE: May 3, 2022 Video Post "How I Buy Beer" click to watch! 

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